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  • Alex Kwon

    Alex Kwon

    An internship at Kim & Bae P.C. was a great opportunity to learn how things are going on in a law firm. Translating Korean real estate entries, I have acquired understanding of how to properly code-switch legal terminology between two countries, the U.S. and Korea. This was a unique experience where I got a lot…


  • Joseph Choi

    Joseph Choi

    My 2021 summer internship at Kim & Bae has taught me a great deal both professionally and personally — invaluable lessons that will serve me well in the future. Whether it was daily lunches with the other interns and lawyers here, conducting extensive legal research for various types of cases, or sitting in on meetings…


  • Megan Lee

    Megan Lee

    My summer internship with Kim & Bae has been an extraordinary opportunity for me. I feel so fortunate that everyone in the office had the patience to allow me to ask many questions, despite their busy schedules. Since I am new to the law office setting, I really appreciate that those individuals who gave me…


  • Darya Molotkova

    Darya Molotkova

    The weeks I’ve spent at Kim & Bae have been educational, eye-opening, and filled with opportunity and excitement. The team of attorneys and professionals was extremely welcoming and supportive; I was always encouraged to ask questions and I always had someone to turn to if I needed assistance. I felt like I was truly part…


  • Ethan Lee

    Ethan Lee

    This summer at Kim and Bae, I experience many valuable work and life lessons. Throughout my internship, I not only had the opportunity to learn how office life works, but also had the opportunity to interact with the amazing staff of Kim and Bae. I had the pleasure of collaborating and working alongside my fellow…