Alex Kwon


An internship at Kim & Bae P.C. was a great opportunity to learn how things are going on in a law firm.

Translating Korean real estate entries, I have acquired understanding of how to properly code-switch legal terminology between two countries, the U.S. and Korea. This was a unique experience where I got a lot of inspiration in this kind of academic area. Not only translation, but from all other works such as categorizing case files and making an Excel sheet, I was able to learn how to efficiently manage the process of the works.

I want to thank Mr. Kim and Ms. Bae for allowing me to do a very informative internship here, and I also thank other lawyers and professionals. I really appreciate all the kind support I have received during the internship. The valuable time I spent in Kim & Bae will be unforgettable. It was a great delight to be an intern here at Kim & Bae.