Darya Molotkova

darya photo

The weeks I’ve spent at Kim & Bae have been educational, eye-opening, and filled with opportunity and excitement. The team of attorneys and professionals was extremely welcoming and supportive; I was always encouraged to ask questions and I always had someone to turn to if I needed assistance. I felt like I was truly part of a community who tried to involve me in all the goings-on of the firm.

I’m so grateful for this incredible opportunity and the exposure I was able to receive to a variety of legal matters, from real estate to immigration law. I was able to read through dozens of cases and analyze their facts, legal arguments, and why the case had the outcome that it did. I read through real estate riders, closing disclosures, and title policies, giving me a greater understanding of real estate law and its importance. From an intimate standpoint, I was able to see how a firm generally functions, and my time here has only built and added on to my desire to enter the legal field.

I’d like to thank Mr. Kim and Ms. Bae for allowing me to intern and spend my summer here. I enjoyed every second of my experience and I’m so appreciative of everything that I’ve learned. I’d also like to thank the Kim & Bae team for being so kind, welcoming, and patient. It was a privilege to intern here and I know I’ll always carry with me this experience and the lessons I’ve learned.