Megan Lee


My summer internship with Kim & Bae has been an extraordinary opportunity for me. I feel so fortunate that everyone in the office had the patience to allow me to ask many questions, despite their busy schedules. Since I am new to the law office setting, I really appreciate that those individuals who gave me assignments also took the time to give me detailed instructions. I truly enjoyed witnessing the wide variety of work that the firm does, and the many facets of legal work that I never knew about. I felt involved in what was going on at the firm, and I always had something interesting to work on.

I also am grateful for the opportunity to apply the research skills that I learned in my first year of law school. I was able to help draft a complaint and a brief, to draft documents for a divorce, organize a summons, review discovery documents, research local election laws, act as a witness to a power of attorney signing, as well as improve my research skills while searching for cases on Westlaw. It was fascinating to work on real cases, and to observe the thought-process of the attorneys as they tackled each unique situation. Additionally, I learned how the firm works as a team, and how everyone can contribute to accomplish their shared goals.

I want to sincerely thank everyone at the firm for being so welcoming and allowing me to spend my summer here. Beyond the legal work, I received so many words of wisdom from everyone that I will always cherish. In addition, I am truly amazed by the tremendous impact that the firm makes on its community. Every day during my time here, I was reminded of this impact through the numerous news articles on the walls of the office of significant cases that the firm has had. The articles that I observed reminded me of my desire to also one day make a difference in my community and to follow the example of everyone at Kim & Bae.