Sooim Shin

A great thing about Kim&Bae is that you can have variety of opportunities to support the attorneys on their cases: attending client meeting, communicating with clients, visiting courts, drafting court papers, and creating index for or working with the discovery documents.

As a summer intern, my main job was to review discovery documents, which I organized and summarized into a discovery map. I bate-stamped and sent out correspondence and legal documents. In some cases, I was the first to review evidence, as they were generally in Korean. I would translate the documents for non-Korean-speaking attorneys. Translation was my secondary main duty.

I frequently asked to research legal issues and write relevant memoranda using West Law and Lexis on various subjects. I had been able to polish my research and writing skills from these experiences. It was different from the legal research classes I took in school because working for actual clients is more exciting. When I visited federal, tax, and municipal courts it was interesting to see how the judicial system works and witness judges make orders.

I also enjoyed opportunities to attend client meetings and interacting with clients. For some meetings, I was only there to accompany the attorney, but for others, I interacted with the clients and translated dialogues from Korean to English. Both ways, I was able to learn how to communicate with and consult clients.

Generally, the attorneys gave me enough time to finish assigned work and were patient with the interns. As expected, the attorneys are busy with their work and there may be a lack of clear instruction, and I would panic. But you can always go to the server and find similar documents and learn from it yourself.

I would like to finish my epilogue thanking Mr. Kim and Ms. Bae for the opportunity and the members of the firm for the great experience for the past eight weeks. I hope I was also appreciated for my time here.