Christine Jung

During my internship here at Kim & Bae, I was fortunate to experience first-hand the workings of the legal field, as interns are provided with valuable opportunities such as assisting attorneys in real estate closings and consultations, reviewing litigation documents, involvement in factual investigation, drafting legal documents, and accompanying attorneys to court. An internship at Kim & Bae will undoubtedly be an opportunity to gain valuable insight into the workings of a law office and its legal procedures. Interns are able to refine their legal research, interpersonal, analytical, and administrative abilities within the duration of their internship.


The staff and attorneys are very willing to advise the interns, and they make favorable occasions available to interns that have allowed me to take advantage of as many opportunities as I could. I have found that the daily interactions with the members of the firm provided me with the most guidance and insight.


It has been a privilege working with an exceptional team here at Kim & Bae. I thank everyone for the numerous opportunities to learn and explore, and for contributing to an exciting and encouraging experience.