Christina Yu

From weakness to strength, from grass to grace

Working at Kim&Bae was a great opportunity for me to grow in my career. I can guarantee you that you will be provided with many opportunities to participate in all the procedures in the litigation process, from administrative data management to preparing for settlements or trials when you work at Kim&Bae.

I actually participated in many cases to support the attorneys. I drafted collateral documents, reviewed leasing agreements and had the opportunity to shadow Jimmy to various courts/meetings and observe Adam’s real estate closings. I was not only able to strengthen my understanding of substantive law and legal procedure but also able to hone my writing and research skills. During the internship, I made many mistakes but the guidance and advice from the attorneys and the staffs helped brighten my career and professional life. I learned a lot by observing how the attorneys work and by how they interact with the clients. I am really grateful for all of the support and mentorship Kim&Bae have shown.

If you be extra careful not to make any mistakes and work with diligence, you will learn that the work experience at Kim&Bae will shape your career and professional life.
Lastly, I would like to express my personal gratitude to Mr. Kim and Ms. Bae for the great experience. Special thanks to Ms. Bae who invited us to her home for dinner.