Adrianna Barsa

Being an intern at Kim & Bae, P.C. has been an extraordinary educational experience. This internship has provided me with the opportunity to learn valuable information about the legal world and its many facets. I was able to work on a broad variety of cases ranging from criminal defense to multiyear litigations. I was also able to conduct research alongside brilliant attorneys who provided me with extensive knowledge from their years of experience. Not only did I get to work in a legal office environment, but I also was able to experience situations inside of a court room. I was so fortunate to attending real-estate closings, litigation meetings, and municipal court appearances. These experiences have taught me a tremendous deal and have provided me with various educational tools that I can apply in my future career.

This truly has been an exceptional place to work for the summer. Every member of the Kim & Bae family has been welcoming and always willing to lend a helping hand. Each time I was given an assignment the attorney responsible for the case would provide me with in-depth instructions and assistance.

As my internship reaches a close, I would like extend a sincere thank you to everyone here at Kim & Bae, P.C, especially Mr. Kim and Mrs. Bae for this incredible opportunity. The knowledge I have acquired over my time here will be exceptionally useful in the future, as I plan to pursue a law degree down the road. I look forward to staying in contact with the firm and all of its members as I pursue my future endeavors.