Ji Young Yoon

Internship Period: June 26, 2011 to July 22, 2011

When I first came here on June 26th, I didn’t know anything about Law firm. Since I majored in English Literature and Business, I couldn’t possibly imagine what it would be like. Everything was new. Now I think I must’ve looked like a baby who knows nothing, anything. Other interns who majored in law assigned to the attorney and learned about practicing law. Unlike them, I started to learn how to organize files and make a copy. Then, I moved to the reception desk and worked as an assistant. It gave me the chance to see the structure of the firm and the clients whom the firm is dealing with.

I think dealing with people is one of the most difficult things in work. One attorney told me that it is hard to satisfy both the clients and the court at the same time. Mr. Yun, the manager, also said “relationship is not something you can learn from the book. You have to try to understand people. You can be confident, but you cannot be arrogant. It’s a thin line. Keep in mind. If you can understand people, you can be successful.” And I thank him for giving me this wonderful advice.

Finally, here are some tips that might be useful to the next interns, I guess.

We should wear formal attires in the office. Not semi-formal. You need a black jacket.
You can’t wear sandals. It would be better not to wear to colorful clothes. No ruffles. No cotton shirts. (Silky one would be better.)

From what I saw, if you are good at English, you would get more chance to do something since this firm is in the States and there are American attorneys. (If you can Spanish, it might give you an edge. There are some clients who speak Spanish.)

These are tips coming from my point of view so it can be subjective.

Thank you.