How to Choose a Korean New York Attorney for Your Divorce

Aside from being emotionally draining for the involved parties, divorce can be a complex field of law. Thus, it is essential to get a lawyer that you can trust and feel comfortable with in order to be able to get through the process more easily. Here are some effective tips to choose a Korean New York attorney for your divorce.

List down the qualities

First, list down the qualities that you are looking for in a lawyer whether you prefer to work with a male or female lawyer or a young or an old attorney. Determine if you want someone who will work to settle your case amicably or someone who is aggressive. Decide if you prefer an attorney who charges by the hour or someone who charges a flat fee.
Then, you may talk to your friends and family and ask about lawyers they would recommend or avoid. You may also contact lawyers you have worked with in the past and inquire if they handle divorce cases. If they do not, ask for a recommendation to an attorney who does. It is also an excellent idea to contact the bar associations in New York to know whether they sponsor lawyer referral programs. They can refer you to a lawyer in your area who has expertise in the type of case you are involved with.

Use free consultations

Some divorce lawyers offer initial consultations for free. It may be prudent to meet with a few lawyers offering a free appointment to be able to get an idea of how different divorce lawyers work and how they would approach your divorce case. Keep in mind that just because an attorney offers a free initial consultation does not mean that the fee they will charge for future services will be easy on the pocket. When meeting with a Korean New York attorney, find out how experienced the attorney is by asking how many divorce cases he or she has dealt with. It is also particularly crucial to know if the Korean New York attorney has extensive experience in handling contested divorce cases if minor children or a large amount of assets are involved in your case and there is a possibility for disagreement between you and your spouse about the distribution of property, child custody and other conflicts. In addition, it is essential to know how familiar your lawyer is with the judges in the court where your case will be filed. You may request the prospective lawyer for the names of previous or present clients you may call for references. However, the divorce lawyer may be able to provide you this information only with the consent of their clients.

The best Korean New York attorney

Another effective way to check a divorce lawyer’s reputation by calling the Supreme Court office in New York or visiting its web site to determine if it contains the needed information about your divorce lawyer. Many websites of state supreme courts list whether a divorce lawyer has ever been disciplined by the Supreme Court of the state where they practice.
The best Korean New York attorney will provide counsel during difficult times and protect your rights and give you guidance. Kim and Bae Korean New York attorney can be of assistance in many of the issues that your loved ones could encounter through the years. Call us for more information.