How An Attorney Can Help You | Divorce Lawyer Fort Lee NJ

Upon determining that you will separate from your spouse, you should contact an attorney right away. The attorney can be of assistance when determining how to divide possessions and bills. The attorney can also be of assistance when discussing issues such as child support and custody. The attorney can also give you some options if your case is contested. Sometimes parties refuse to sign paperwork when they are presented.
Your spouse may not agree to the proceeding, want to hold on to you in some way, or simply refuse to sign out of spite. In some cases both parties agree to end the marriage but they cannot come to an agreement on some issues.

What the divorce lawyer Fort Lee NJ can do

The divorce lawyer Fort Lee NJ can request orders that will last until the case is over. The order can be effective to get bills paid and make sure that someone has the responsibility for caring for the children. If your petition is contested, it is likely that the proceeding will take longer than one that is not uncontested. The judge will make decisions during the final hearing for your case.
Many people seek to end a marriage so that they may go on to marry another person. Some states require that the person who is trying to get remarried wait for a specific period of time after the proceedings. An attorney in your area can tell you if you must wait for a specific time period before remarrying. The attorney can also tell you the length of time that is required for this period.

Prenuptial agreement

Although people feel that they are protected if they file a prenuptial agreement in court, a good attorney can contest the agreement if the spouse feels that the person has concealed some of their property or other items. The agreement can also be contested if it can be proven that the party was forced to sign the agreement or if it is not legal in the state. A divorce lawyer Fort Lee NJ can present options available to protect your assets for the future. The divorce lawyer can explain alimony and how to split debt that may have been incurred during the marriage. The court can make a decision on how the debts will be divided if the couple cannot agree. The court may decide to divide the debts and the property evenly between the two people during the case. The court can determine methods to divide the property obtained during the marriage in such a way that it is fair and reasonable in the court’s opinion.

Paying alimony

Either spouse may be responsible for paying alimony. States have differing rules regarding these payments. Either parent can also be awarded custody of the child and be ordered to pay child support to care for the child. The court looks at several different factors in determining support, including the child’s living conditions in the present and the child’s future education. The court may also take into consideration child support that the party pays to care for other children.

The best divorce lawyer Fort Lee NJ will provide counsel during difficult times and protect your rights and give you guidance. Call us for more information.