Joseph Jung

Internship Period: July 6, 2010 to July 29, 2010

The past two summers that I have spent in Kim&Bae, P.C. have been inspiring and insightful experiences to me. Many, if not all, of the tasks assigned to me proved to be very remedial and essential. All of the work instilled compulsory skills that I will doubtlessly need in the future. Through carefully completing the works of an intern and observing the work of the firm’s diligent attorneys and paralegals, I was able to grasp a newfound admiration of the work of a lawyer. Kim&Bae, P.C. has provided me with a rich and nourishing environment that exposed me to the wide-range of fields and elements of work precociously.

Although working at Kim&Bae, P.C. showed me the value of work, it also showed me the significance of something much more important: work ethic. All of the employees of the firm oversaw my work as well as my conduct in order to teach me proper disposition. Never once did I feel a lack of guidance or assistance. Not only did the firm provide a warm and prolific environment, it exposed me to a group of very welcoming and influential mentors. I am very grateful to all of those at Kim&Bae, P.C. for both nurturing my skills as a worker and fostering a more proper demeanor in me.