Mediation, Arbitration, 4 Way Conference

Either before or after the filing a complaint, parties to a divorce action are encouraged to undergo a process called Mediation. Mediation is an informal procedure where the parties, with or without their attorneys, sit before an independent third party called Mediator and discuss the situation in order to see whether or not they can reach an amicable resolution of their case.
In addition to mediation, parties are frequently encouraged to undergo process called Arbitration. Arbitration is similar to Mediation except in Arbitration, you’re actually asking the independent third party to make a decision for the parties. A good example of arbitration would be Judge Judy. Judge Judy is not a judge. She is an Arbitrator. The parties that appear before the Judge Judy agree that whatever decision she makes will be bind on them. That’s what’s called a Binding Arbitration. Parties can go through either Binding Arbitration or Non-binding Arbitration.
In addition to other settlement methods that parties might attempt, parties are frequently encouraged to participate what’s called a Four-way Conference. Now 4-way conference is basically the plaintiff, and his or her attorney, and the dependant and his or her attorney sitting in a room, trying to work out the resolution of the case.
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