Complaint, Cause of Action, Summons

A Divorce action in the state of New Jersey starts with the filing of a complaint. A complaint basically sets force certain factual information about the parties, such as their names, their addresses, their dates of birth, date of marriage, etc, the number of the children born of the marriage including their names and dates of birth, and the Cause of Action.
A cause of action is basically the reason the parties are seeking to be divorced. In the state of New Jersey, the most frequently used cause of action is irreconcilable differences, although lot of times people will use 18 month separation.
Once a complaint is filed, the party who filed the complaint, known as the plaintiff, must then give a notice of the filing a complaint to the defendant, that’s the person being sued. The way the plaintiff gives notice to the defendant is the document called a Summons. Now a summons tells the defendant certain things including the fact that he or she is being sued, and that he or she has to file what’s called an answer to the complaint within a certain amount of time.
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