[MKTV] Class Action Lawsuit Involving False Advertisements

A class action on behalf of Korean tenants living in Trio Condominiums located in Palisades Park, New Jersey was recently initiated. The lawsuit claims that false promises were made to the tenants through advertisements in order to induce them to purchase condominium units. Kim & Bae, P.C., who was retained to represent the Korean tenants, had a press interview on November 9, 2007 to address the matter. According to Kim & Bae, P.C., Park Development West, L.L.C. sold Trio Condominium units and placed misleading advertisements with facts different from the actual properties of the structure. In addition, Park Development West promised promoted the construction of a swimming pool that was never built nor planned from the outset of the construction of the premises. Kim & Bae, P.C. has informed us that five Korean tenants have proceeded with a class-action against lawsuit against Park Development West, L.L.C.

Here’s reporter Joo-young Kang:

The spokesperson for the five Korean tenants who filed the lawsuit argues that Park Development West, L.L.C., the developer and seller of the condominium, promised to provide various facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool and roof top deck, through lotting-out advertisement for Trio Condominiums, located in Palisades Park, New Jersey. They say, however, the half-built condominium was different from the advertisement. They argue, in short, that it is a fraud through false advertisement.

(Insert) B.J. Kim, from Kim & Bae, P.C.:

It’s nonsense. They have said the Trio Condominiums will have a swimming pool in the advertisement and contract. Now, when Trio Condominiums has sold many of its units and tenants enter their homes, the tenants are then told that the swimming pool doesn’t exist.

The five Korean plaintiffs who have purchased units from Trio Condominiums accuse Park Development West, L.L.C., the company that has been in charge of developing and selling the units, of creating false advertisements and committing fraud, through Kim & Bae, P.C. The firm has filed a Complaint in the Supreme Court of New Jersey on November 8.

On the other hand, Paul Kaufman, defendant’s attorney for Park Development West, L.L.C., argues that the swimming pool and rooftop deck were not included in the initial construction plan, and there is no proof that promises for their construction were made.
Seeing the Condo instruction at the point of lotting-out, the outdoor swimming pool and roof top deck were not mentioned. They are not in the construction plan drawing.
Kim & Bae, P.C., however, argues that the construction plan that was shown to interested buyers of condominium units in 2006 had a part clearly marked as an area for an outdoor swimming pool.

(Insert) B.J. Kim, from Kim & Bae, P.C.:

I think it affects to Korean community. Seventy to eighty percent of the tenants of Trio Condominiums are Korean. Many of these people have already signed their contracts. This kind of thing should not happen.”

This is the first time that a class-action involving the sale of condominium units in the Korean Community has been filed in New Jersey.

This is Jo-young Kang from MKNEWS.