Iris Lee


This summer I had the pleasure of interning at Kim & Bae for a second time and once again I am walking away with an invaluable experience and a plethora of knowledge and skills that has further prepared me not only in a professional sense, but more broadly for life. During my internship period I became familiar with the inner workings of the daily operations of the firm and was able to assist attorneys and staff in their daily tasks. As a result, I was exposed to a cornucopia of various legal subject matters and other industries that I had previously not been able to access as intimately. I was able to strengthen my translating, research, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills with the guidance and mentorship of all the talented members of the firm. I always felt heard and that my input was truly valued, which has given me more confidence in a professional setting going forward and an abundance of respect and gratitude towards all the staff here. What has made this time so special is not only the educational opportunity afforded to me, but also the opportunity to collaborate every day with individuals that genuinely wanted to help me and vice versa.

As my time here at the firm comes to an end, I would like to thank Mr. Kim and Ms. Bae for always being so welcoming and the entire team for being so supportive. It has truly been a privilege working and growing with everyone this past summer, thank you!