Bo-ah Lee

june 2

Starting from the first week of my internship, I was warmly welcomed and fortunate enough to become part of Kim & Bae’s litigation team. I was very excited because I had, and still have, great interest in becoming a good litigator.

Assisting the litigation team, I worked on more cases than I had expected and had some interesting experiences. I had the opportunity to draft complaints and various briefs, review discovery documents, communicate with clients, brainstorm and discuss ideas and litigation tactics, visit the Court, translate documents, and work on warrant related issues. I also had the opportunity to hone my researching skills using Westlaw and LexisNexis, looking for the right cases and statutes under the right jurisdiction.

Apart from learning the different rules of New Jersey and New York law, I learned the importance of procedures, deadlines, teamwork, detail, and creativity. Working with the litigation team has taught me much and changed the way I look at cases now.

The real estate team provided me with the opportunity to attend closings, so that I could learn the process. I was also provided with a thick packet of contracts and documents needed for various real estate procedures, so that I could get familiar with them.

I was amazed at how every Attorney and staff was willing to provide me with different opportunities to learn.

Thus, my summer at Kim & Bae was full of experience and advice. I value my experience at Kim & Bae because the things that I learned here cannot be learned through books alone. Under the guidance of every Attorney and staff, I developed skills needed to excel as a lawyer in the future.

Special thanks to Attorney Paul Perkins, who trained, helped, and guided me the most. I will remember everything you taught me over the summer and try my best to become a great litigator and person, just like you.

Thank you Manager Lee, Izabel, Hailey, Daye, Grace, Jay, Alex, and Hyun Sung for warmly welcoming, helping, and advising me.

Thank you Kenneth for all the IT help.

Thank you Attorney Kim and Bae for providing me with this amazing internship opportunity. I will work diligently to apply everything I have learned at Kim & Bae to excel in my legal career. One day, I hope to give back to others in various ways, just like you do.
Thank you again Attorney Bae, for providing the whole office with snack, food and the great dinner.

Finally, I thank the whole office for supporting me and making my experience at Kim & Bae amazing. I would love to work with you again in the future. I hope that I was of some help to the office. 감사합니다!

Bo-Ah Lee