Iris Lee

My experience being an intern at Kim & Bae was an eye opening and educationally invigorating experience. During my time here I was fortunate enough to experience a plethora of legal, analytical, and social growth that can be attributed to the willingness of attorneys and staff alike to aid in my learning experience. Attorneys were always encouraging me to go to court with them in order to give me real world experience. In addition, through varying assignments I was able to conduct legal research, correspond with other legal professionals outside of our firm, and take part in cases that ranged from criminal litigation to visa law.
The biggest takeaway from my time here at Kim & Bae are the people. The comradery, mutual respect, and patience that is present in the office encouraged me to work to the best of my ability every day.
As my time here at Kim & Bae comes to a close I would like to express my utmost gratitude to Mr. Kim and Ms. Bae for giving me this opportunity. Learning, growing, and contributing to this firm was by far the most prestigious and helpful experience I have had the honor of taking thus far. It was a privilege to work with the amazing team here and I thank everyone for the many opportunities and lessons you have all taught me!