Sung Min Lee

At Kim&Bae, you are provided with variety of opportunities to support the attorneys on on-going cases. However, to maximize the experience here, you need to let the people know that you are available and willing to help. This way, you can work with as many attorneys and on many cases as you want. I learned a lot by observing how different attorneys work and seeing how the actual cases turn out. The experience is not about learning the law, but learning how the people at the law firm work.

I handled variety of legal and clerical works. I drafted memos, motions, appeal letters, declarations, and etc. I organized and translated many documents. In addition, I had opportunity to shadow Jimmy to various courts/meetings and observe Adam’s real estate closings. In particular, Proffer meeting with the DAs was very interesting.

I was also able to build the relationship with people here outside the office. We occasionally visited local places (both in NJ and NY) after work. Ms. Bae was kind enough to introduce me to the renowned law professor in NY.
Lastly, I would like to thank Mr. Kim and Ms. Bae for the opportunity and the members of the firm for the great experience. In return, I hope I added some value to this firm.