[MAEIL BUSINESS NEWSPAPER] ‘KIKO’ Lawsuit Against Citibank: The U.S. Court of Appeals Overturns New York District Courts Ruling

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  Attorney Christine Bae said, “People say fighting for this lawsuit is hopeless, that it’s beating our head against the wall. I understand them saying that because it’s a fight between the global conglomerate Citibank and Korean domestic small firm, biggest law firm in the US and Korean-American law firm. True, but under the circumstances we have a chance of winning this lawsuit. We, Kim & Bae, P.C., will make it happen.” The U.S. Court of Appeals ruling of overturning the New York District Court’s judgement has opened up new hope and chance of possibly winning the case. Attorney B.J. Kim said, “This is only the beginning. By this week we will request documents regarding “KIKO” to Citibank headquarters based on Discovery.” Kim & Bae, P.C. has decided to take an aggressive approach. B.J. Kim further stated, “After securing the evidence documents from the Citibank headquarters that proves their liability for Citibank Korea’s actions, we will conduct Depositions with people of the matter.” Attorney Christine Bae said, “Citibank headquarters is represented by Milbank of over 600 attorneys, one of the biggest law firms in the US, and although we only fight with 19 attorneys, we will fight hard and bring a favorable outcome.”