Tae Young Lee

Internship Period: June 3, 2013 to July 19, 2013

As an intern at Kim & Bae I was afforded many valuable learning opportunities across a wide variety of cases ranging from civil suits to criminal prosecutions. I found myself researching, among other things, tax evasion under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, international banking laws under the Code of Federal Regulations, and Korean declarations under the Hague Convention. Not only was I exposed to a plethora of different legal issues, but was also given the opportunity to attend depositions of witnesses and actual hearings in the court room. It was one of the few internships where I felt that I wasn’t just a glorified errand boy, and was given the chance to make an actual impact on the firm. In addition, it was a great chance to see the inner workings and daily struggles of a small law firm. I observed with admiration the hard work and endurance of the entire Kim & Bae family all the while remaining open and friendly to the interns. In fact I got to know each and every one of the staff members and even made some lasting friendships.

BJ and Christine were gracious enough to invite me into their home for dinner parties and even the annual company retreat to Vermont and Canada. I was treated to lavish accommodations, meals, and copious amounts of the finest wines. During this time it was my pleasure to really get to know the Kim & Bae staff on a personal level. If anything, I feel as if I also became a part of the Kim & Bae family and count myself lucky for it. The staff of Kim & Bae are truly good people to be around and I would encourage any prospective interns to embrace this opportunity.