Jae Ho Yoon


Internship period: May 29 to August 3, 2012

The internship at Kim & Bae was a very meaningful time to me.

Since this was my first time to work at a law firm, the whole experience at Kim & Bae helped me to materialize the knowledge gained at law school.

I learned that litigation takes significant preparations. Even though there was no ongoing trial during my internship, I was able to work on discovery. For one bankruptcy case I was working on, there were so many documents that need to be organized by the attorney during the discovery stage. Although I started this internship thinking that most of attorney’s job will be researching and writing, I realized that there are much more aspects to litigation such as client communication, trial strategy, and information collection, etc.

I also enjoyed two times of court visits. From the divorce settlement case, I realized the significance of having effective negotiation and communication skills. From the court visit regarding a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, I was able to contemplate the purpose and impact of bankruptcy law. Furthermore, by translating client emails and some agreement into Korean or English, I could see actual legal problems facing the clients.

Lastly I would like to thank Mr. B.J. Kim and Ms. Christine Bae for everything they have provided me in and out of the office. They welcomed me wholeheartedly and gave me valuable opportunities to work on different legal issues. I also give my sincere thanks to Mr. B.J. Kim for counseling me about my career path and to Ms. Christine Bae for her hospitality throughout the internship period.