Hyung June An


Internship Period: June 4 to July 20, 2012

For the Bigger World

It was not a long time that I had decided to do my lawyer apprenticeship abroad. The authority recommended us to do internships in Korean law firms where we expected to work after as a job, however I was not ready to choose a single firm to work at for life yet and I had a little more chances to learn more. Then I decided to go to the U.S. law firm. I heard that Kim & Bae in the States would be great for me to work and learn a lot and gratefully Kim & Bae admitted me to do so. I am very grateful Kim & Bae’s mercy and kindness.

When I first came to Kim and Bae office, I was a little nervous and frightened. All were new to me and also my English was not that good for work at the U.S. law firm. Partner lawyer, Mr. Kim told me about the goal of the U.S. law firm and the importance of confidentiality solemnly. I pledged my self to do anything to be helpful to the firm.

I felt different between Korea law firm and the U.S. one. Kim & Bae has more lawyers than staffs and the lawyers work practically. They always open their room doors, and every one even an intern can easily get into their room. They may make their own prints or copies. It was impressive. Sometimes they came to my desk to ask me to help them.

The most interesting at Kim & Bae was it dealt so many kinds of cases that I could learn a lot from a lot of legal area. I saw corporate cases, bankruptcy, family issues, unions, patents, real estate etc. There were many things I could learn from them. I had just studied and learned law till now. It was my first time to deal with the real cases. I was interested in interstate issues, too. There also were international cases. I thought it was important that I could speak both Korean and English well.

Mr. Kim always emphasized all were a business in the U.S. law firm. But I felt he and all the other members of the office work more with hearts than brains and that made the office stood out from any other American law firm. He always told people he was a business man but he took care of others much more and had got humanity in him. I learned that treating people from the heart was the best business strategy. It was the biggest lesson from Kim & Bae.