Seung Min Yoo

Internship Period: June 1, 2010 to July 9, 2010

I first learned about Kim & Bae while I was searching for a summer internship position. Although I was not too knowledgeable about the numerous law firms in this area, I knew that I wanted to work at a mid-sized law firm that had a strong real estate department. I also wanted to work at a law firm that had an environment where I could develop close relationships with the professionals, so that I could better learn about their work.

Looking back, I realize that Kim & Bae had everything I wanted for a summer internship. By the end, I was close enough to a number of professionals that I could have discussions with them and even ask questions about law firms, attorneys, and other aspects of the legal world. Additionally, I could closely observe how real estate transactions work in a law firm, something that I wished to accomplish this summer.

If I were asked to pick my favorite moment of the internship, it would be the firm picnic. Besides all the fun at the picnic, it was a valuable opportunity for me to observe how people shared a fun and family-like environment, which I did not know existed since everyone worked so professionally in the office.

My internship at Kim & Bae was more of a learning experience than a working experience. Sure, I learned about how attorneys work and how they interact with their clients, but more importantly, I learned about something that successful firms always have in common: professionalism and amazing teamwork. I think I would love to come back here for another internship if I can.