Attorneys, and Plea Bargain

In all Criminal and Municipal cases, a defendant has an absolute right to be represented by an attorney. Having an attorney can be a great benefit to a defendant involved in a criminal and municipal court matter in that the defendant’s attorney can obtain discovery, can review the discovery with the defendant, can advise the defendant of his or her rights, and can negotiate with the prosecutor in an attempt to resolve the case, and that sometimes called a plea negotiation.
In all criminal cases and most municipal court cases, the defendant’s attorney has the ability to talk to the prosecutor and come to an agreement, as to how to resolve the case. Now frequently, that resolution will include a plea to a lesser offense than that which was originally charged. And that’s usually called a plea bargain. And in plea bargaining a case, frequently what the defendant’s attorney will do in addition to lowering the charges against the defendant will be lower the penalties that can be imposed upon the defendant following the plea.
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