Business & Contract Law

The business world has become increasingly complex with the proliferation of laws and regulations to supposedly control its development. Nonetheless, this complexity has often made it more difficult to understand your rights and the forms of legal recourse you are entitled to pursue. If you believe that your rights or the rights of your business have been violated, then you need an experienced attorney to analyze your situation and determine what the most prudent course of action will be.

Obtaining experienced legal counsel as soon as your problem arises has never been more important than today. Not only does effective legal counsel strengthen your ability to succeed in court, it allows you to protect your interests and ensures that your future actions are coordinated to generate the best possible outcome. At Kim & Bae, we are committed to maximizing results facilitating your continued business success.

Areas pertaining to corporate/business law include the following:

• C-corporations
• S-corporations
• Partnerships
• Limited Liability Companies
• Limited Liability Partnerships
• Business & Investment Trusts
• Tax Exempt Organizations

Corporate Governance & Compliance Franchising
Contract Drafting

• Confidentiality Agreements
• Sales & Manufacturing & Supply Agreements
• Technology Licenses
• Purchase Agreements
• Consulting Agreements
• Manufacturer’s Representative/ Sales Agent/ Dealer Agreements
• Distributor & Consignment Agreements
• Franchise Documents
• Equipment & Purchase Leases

Corporate Control & Anti-Takeover Measures
Tax Strategies & Tax Planning