The impact of having excessive debt in your life can be physically and mentally exhausting. The earlier you address your financial problems and take appropriate action to find solutions, the faster you can get back on track with your life.
Filing for bankruptcy is an important decision that should not be taken lightly, and demands that the appropriate form of bankruptcy be selected to meet your circumstances. In most cases, if you qualify, filing a Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy is appropriate for individuals. You may also desire to stop an imminent foreclosure on your personal residence or suspend a lawsuit, requiring that you file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy protection and obtain the benefits of the Automatic Stay.


The success or failure of a business is often at the mercy of the current economic situation, and less often a reflection of your competence as a business owner. Customers can be fickle, industries can disappear overnight, and circumstances you cannot control can negatively affect your business.
Filing for bankruptcy is the intelligent businessman’s mechanism for long-term success. Once you have overcome the initial pessimism associated with swallowing your pride and feeling like you’ve lost your integrity, you will realize that you’ve made the correct choice. You will look back on your apprehension and recognize that it was a moment of strength and courage, when you stood up and took decisive action to ensure your future. The only lingering question will be: “Why didn’t I take action sooner?” Instead of waiting for the last moment, having sufficient lead time allows you to correctly orchestrate the bankruptcy plan that propels you into future success, while discarding the greatest amount of debts. Correctly structuring your bankruptcy plan makes all the difference and the attorneys at Kim & Bae are ready to assist you in moving forward.